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Royal Palms Capital LLC offers a wide variety of services for our clients. We provide account management services tailored for your specific investment style and needs.

Balanced Accounts: Minimum $250,000
Designed for the conservative investor  seeking growth and income. This portfolio invests in a combination of select no-load stock mutual funds and quality fixed income securities using a laddered maturity structure.

Mutual Fund Accounts: Minimum $100,000
This strategy is designed for the moderate to aggressive investor who is seeking growth of capital using a combination no-load growth stock mutual funds and money market funds.

Stock Account: Minimum $100,000
This portfolio consists of only common stocks and money market funds. It is for the moderate to aggressive investor. The goal of this program is to take advantage of rising markets by investments in equities selected using our disciplined investment process and methodology. This strategy has the flexibility to be 0-100% invested depending upon market conditions.

Outside Money Managers
We act as an independent consultant to reputable outside investment managers. The Principal is a Certified Investment Management Analyst and completes a rigorous due diligence on outside managers used by Royal Palms Capital LLC clients.

We welcome your call to discuss which investment program would best reflect your needs: 877-265-5939.

Securities cleared through member NASD/SIPC firms.